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I have always been quite active as I run 2 or 3 10k races each year, together with 1 or 2 half marathons. I was getting a little bored with the running all of the time and needed something else to help with my running but something that also had to engage my interest.

Why did you join Studio Fit?

I looked at different gyms and fit camps and after a chat with Mike Beer decided that I would give Studio Fit a chance. Mike was confident that I would not get bored, I would tone up and that my running pace would increase through the strength training. The class times fit in perfectly with my family/work life and the classes looked varied and engaging.

What Fears did you have before you joined?

My only real fear was getting bored! And I can honestly say that in the 18 months that I have now been a member I have never been to two classes that have been the same.


  • Strength and stamina increased
  • Weight loss
  • Meeting new friends

“ I had put on shed loads of weight and had decided on 'operation shift the sugar' and needed something engaging to help with this too. ”

- Lynne -

What did you struggle with before Studio Fit?

My weight had increased quite a lot and I just could not get my running pace any faster.
I had lost my motivation to exercise.

"Losing 10 bags of sugar is such an amazing achievement! I remember Lynne was a little skeptical before starting, looking back what an amazing decision. Very proud of her and look forward to working with her in the future."

Mike Beer - Co-Owner

What results have you experienced since joining?

Well what can I say?

After 5 months of Studio Fit, together with a slightly stricter diet 'operation shift the sugar' was complete and I had managed to shed 10 bags of sugar or 10kg in weight.

My first 10k race 6 months after joining gave me a PB. Still not quite Paula Radcliffe but I did knock 11 minutes off my time. Quite something.

What does Studio Fit mean to you?

Studio Fit is not only about the varied classes it is about the people you meet too.

I have met some great new friends on my journey.

We have several social events each year and a great facebook following where advice and encouragement are at the forefront. Various challenges throughout the year keep us all on our toes and motivated.

What would you say to someone wanting to join Studio fit?

Give it a go and come and join the family. If you are looking for varied exercise classes with a difference then you can't go far wrong.

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Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)