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I joined Studio Fit almost 3 years ago! A friend had " liked " it on FB so I clicked on it ..... I have a very busy life running a business so I loved the concept of short bursts of exercise with great results that would fit in to my schedule..... So I joined up and made it work for me, and I love it not to mention having met some lovely people and made some great friends too.

Why did you join Studio Fit?

I joined studio fit as I love exercise and needed something to fit in with my life! This works very well I didn't join so much for weight loss but to improve and maintain my fitness level! 

What Fears did you have before you joined?

I had no fears and was pretty relaxed about it all. 


  • More toned
  • More Stamina
  • Feel great mind and body
  • Made some great friends
  • Got my daughter to join (trust me that is an achievement!) and she loves it!

“ I feel more toned with more stamina and feel great both mind and body. ”

- Veronica -

What did you struggle with before Studio Fit?

Joining something that fitted in with my busy work / life schedule!

"Veronica is a fantatsic member, she gets on with it, stays ultra consistent and never complains. She's a big part of the Studio, long may it continue."

Mike Beer - Co-Owner

What results have you experienced since joining?

Without doubt I'm much fitter, probably the fittest I've ever been! I feel great too :-)

What does Studio Fit mean to you?

Put it this way... I'm gutted if I can't make it to a class! ( which is rare ) I might add ;-)

What would you say to someone wanting to join Studio fit?

Do it! You won't regret it, for so many reasons...

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Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)