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Introducing Studio Fit’s newest B.L.S 12-Week Men’s Transformation Program. Purposely created for the busy, hardworking Cheltenham guys who are aged 30+. Ideal for the everyday guy wanting to find his passion and motivation back for fitness. But more importantly finding himself back in a consistent routine, training alongside likeminded guys far away from the ego fueled, hustle and bustle of a commercial gym.

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Cheltenham’s 12-week men’s only transformation program, built for local guys aged 30+ who are tired with the commercial gym scene and need a new focus.

This isn’t just another gym down the road, here we specialize in 12-week programs that guarantee results, not contract memberships that lock you in for 12 months!”

Bigger Leaner Stronger also known as #BLS has grown massively over the past year. Launched as our second facility to Studio Fit we opened it with a vivid image of how it was to be different from the traditional gym.

For us we had a crystal-clear image of the group of guys we wanted to work with and who we could really relate to, so that we can help inspire them to take massive action and see real life changing results.

Once we determined this it was a case of nailing down the program to fit our client, and not the other way around…. The 12-Week #BLS Transformation Program was born.

#BLS is exclusively for Cheltenham men aged 30+ who have been busy with their work or family life and are lacking motivation and direction in their health and fitness and are finding it increasingly difficult to juggle both and find the right balance.

Maybe you’ve been into the gym before, maybe you haven’t. Either way it really doesn’t matter, if you’re reading this I’m guessing you’ve lost some sort of motivation along the way and you’re looking for a new challenge and get your mojo back for fitness.

This program is structured over 12 weeks, and gives you the best possible chance of success and guarantees results. You’ll have your own coach on hand and you’ll always be training in groups alongside likeminded guys away from the hustle and bustle of a commercial set up.

Finding the right balance is important; as the last thing you want to be doing is allowing fitness and these 12 weeks to take over your life, that’s not what it’s about. It’s focused on finding routine a happy medium and building the right habits so you don’t burn yourself out.


  • Guys that want a new focus
  • Guys that are bored with the commercial gym scene
  • Guys that want to accelerate their results
  • Guys that are looking for some accountability
  • Guys that want to around likeminded groups

Take a look at how we break down the foundations for the 12-week program a little further -

1 – Strength

This is a hugely important part to the plan. Unfortunately as we get older you’ll lose muscle and strength, which is why you no longer look like you did in your early twenties. The good news is there is something you can do about that…

We aren’t talking bodybuilding here, we are talking functional total body strength that will help you stay lean and athletic as well as fit and healthy. Our BLS strength formula will help you reignite your energy, fat loss and vitality.

For us a big part of the 12-week course is injury prevention while still making strength gains through a structured training plan within the semi-private strength groups we have.

2 – Metabolic

This is where we up the intensity and bring all the smaller strength groups together into one big circuit session. It’s great to get all the guys together, get the heart rate up, bring the energy and get a real atmosphere going.

Again we are talking total body and working on using as many muscles as possible while hitting the heart and lungs too. This is our hybrid workout, somewhere between strength and intervals that will ignite your metabolism and increase not only your fitness but your fat loss too. The best bit about it is that it’s fun and enjoyable too

3 – Intervals

This is done in our interval room and we ask you to team up with the other guys to keep each other accountable. We suggest a minimum of 1 interval session per week (depending on goals) at a time that suits you.

Our specific cardio interval workouts are an important part of the program in order to burn more fat and accelerate your results. They are short, sharp intense workouts that are an important part of the puzzle.

4 – Nutritional Framework

We all know deep down, you can’t out train a bad diet. So nutrition is worth mentioning, as it plays a critical part to the success of the overall #BLS Program.

We’ve designed a nutritional framework to work alongside the sessions. Our philosophy isn’t to tell you what you can’t have; no one wants to hear that everyday. Our goal is to show you what you can have, to open your eyes to see just how enjoyable food can be, while still following our protocols. Remember ‘healthy nutrition’ doesn’t have to boring, it’s about building habits and finding a balance.

Ultimately for a nutrition plan to work it needs to be maintainable, we don’t go all or nothing and we allow lots of flexibility. It should be simple and not overwhelming and our manuals will solve all your nutritional problems while still allowing you to indulge from time to time.

5 – Accountability & Community

And the final piece of the puzzle, the support and accountability that comes with it. We could give you all the information in the world and give you the exact plan in order to achieve your results, but if no one is there to support you and hold you accountable it means nothing.

We offer 24/7 online support through our coaches and through the guys that are in and have been through the program. Essentially they are BLS and the culture we have developed is a welcoming and supporting one.

Watching up to 100 other guys go through exactly what you are and get great results is extremely motivational. For us exercise and nutrition is essential but it’s the support and accountability that will make this a lifestyle


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What our members say


"I've only been part of it since Jan but lost 1stone and 19inches from total body measurements!"

What our members say


"My journey began almost 6 years ago I was 21 stone, lacking in confidence and the only exercise I ever did was lifting junk food and various forms of alcohol to my mouth."

What our members say


"I am much more confident, have doubled my strength, dropped 50 lbs in weight and 48 inches overall. Most importantly have made friends with people I wouldn't normally socialise with. "

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"BLS isn't about ridiculous 'beastings', it's about creating a lifestyle that you not only enjoy but can maintain longterm."

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