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Fitcamp Revolution

Studio Fit’s ‘application only’ transformation program. This plan is carefully designed to help our female clients firstly drop inches, burn away any stubborn body fat areas and tone up. We’ll focus on getting you feeling fitter, stronger and A LOT more motivated and confident through exercise and healthy eating without becoming obsessed and counting calories.

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Gone are the days of dreading your long tedious workouts for little to zero results, as you plod along the treadmill wasting your time whilst unsure what to do.

This program is the perfect way to enroll with Studio Fit. A plan specifically designed to introduce anyone gently into the Fit Camps and get them off to the best possible start regardless of ability.

The first question we always get asked is, will I be fit enough? The answer is YES, for sure!

You see what most people don’t realize is the beauty with HIIT (high intensity interval training) is that it’s ALWAYS your own personal pace. You can simply go as quick or as slow as you wish during your workout.

Our Fit Camps are short, high-energy sessions with a burst of CV, strength, core and endurance. We’re calling it the complete total body workout, with the majority of sessions being around just 30 minutes long.

We focus on exercises scientifically proven to help you tone up and burn stubborn fatty areas while still improving your overall fitness, without the need of traditional boring forms of cardio we find in the typical commercial gyms.

Now here’s the best part, not only are our sessions around 30-45 minutes, but also we’re VERY confident when we claim ‘twice the results, in half the time’.

Ready for the boring scientific part – The Fit Camps are highly metabolic, meaning they increase your capacity to burn fat exponentially as you’ll experience a spike in your metabolic rate for around 24 – 48 hours post exercise.

In summary, it gives you the power to burn calories while you sleep… Pretty awesome huh?


  • Women who feel the commercial gym environment isn't for them
  • Anyone who wants a kickstart to achieving some real results
  • Women who are bored of their training and want a new focus
  • Anyone who like training in groups of likeminded women

...Studio Fit's enrolment process means you’ll always be alongside likeminded newbies in a similar position, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

How The Program Works

As you know our programs are application only. First you’d need to fill out the application form and apply for a free strategy call.

If accepted we will look to get you started through our next available program and get you booked into our next group induction. The induction is a great opportunity to have a chat, go over technique, build your confidence and get you ready to take on your first session.

We completely understand starting something new can be a little daunting, but you’ll NEVER be expected to just jump straight into a busy session. This is why we have a standard induction process where you’ll always be alongside likeminded newbies in a similar position, so there’s really nothing to worry about.


Come and take a look for yourself

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What our members say


"I started coming to Studio Fit at a really hard time in my life; a time where I realised as a mum of 2 young children I had to do something as I was heading towards becoming depressed. "

What our members say


"I really do look at the studio staff and members as family, I can't imagine my life without this place. Thank you guys for helping me learn to love life and be happy with myself too."

What our members say


"Since joining I have lost over 3 stone (21kg) in weight and have become much much fitter and a lot stronger."

What our members say


"Previously, I would join a gym, then after a year or so I'd become bored, unmotivated and my attendance would start to drop. Eventually I'd be paying for a gym I didn't go to!"

What our members say


"I had put on shed loads of weight and had decided on 'operation shift the sugar' and needed something engaging to help with this too."


Now we haven’t even touched on the nutrition element of the program. But as we all know deep down, you can’t out train a bad diet. So it’s worth mentioning, as it plays a critical part to the success of the overall Fit Camp master plan.

Throughout the program we’ve designed a nutritional framework to work alongside the Fit Camps. Our philosophy isn’t to tell you what you can’t have; no one wants to hear that everyday. Our goal is to show you what you can have, to open your eyes to see just how enjoyable food can be, while still following our protocols. Remember ‘healthy nutrition’ doesn’t have to be boring, it’s about building habits and finding a balance and I’m sure our ‘done for you’ nutrition recipes will help accelerate your results.

Apply For The Next Program Today

If you've got this far, you feel you fit the criteria and would at least like to find out a little more info regarding the FitCamps and our next transformation intake, then go ahead and apply online.

We do have limited spots to the program and aim to get back in contact to all applications within 24 hours.

"This is far more than just a gym membership, this is a step by step plan guiding you with training, nutrition, mindset and accountability."

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