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During my time at Studio Fit I have lost 29lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes. I am eating better, stopped smoking and taken up running which I actually kind of enjoy!

I was over 200lb and still blaming having my son for my weight gain despite him being nearly 6!! After seeing a horrific photo of myself and years of feeling unwell and sluggish, I decided that something was to be done!

Why did you join Studio Fit?

I had been a member of Studio Fit when it first opened, going to the occasional session but never really fully committed, so I knew it existed and decided to get back in touch about 18 months ago. I took part in the 8 week transformation and to start with, the exercise was really hard. I woke up after doing my first session and found walking had become a bit of an issue. As the weeks went on though, I started to find my body adapting to the different exercises. That's not to say that the classes became easier, I found I started to adapt and work harder as I became stronger.

What Fears did you have before you joined?

I was initially worried I may not be fit enough or I wouldn't be able to keep up. I hadn't done much exercise for a while and if I'm being honest was a little nervous. That all stopped when we met up for the 8 week enrolment evening. It was very relaxed and we had a great group of girls all starting together.


  • Dropped 3 dress sizes and 29lbs
  • Completed Eastnor Mud Runner
  • x3 Devil Mud Run's
  • Cheltenham challenge 10K
  • Stopped smoking and started running

“ I used to be a 6 cans of Coke a day girl and the difference to my mood has been unbelievable. ”

- Kate -

What did you struggle with before Studio Fit?

I've always struggled with my eating habits!! Food has always been my downfall as I seem to have zero self control. I was sabotaging all my good work so on the recommendation of the guys at the Studio, I bought the 'Lean in 15' cookbook. I have eaten more vegetables in the last 3 months than I have in my entire adult life! I gave up all caffeine about 6 months ago (I was a 6 cans of Coke a day girl!) and the difference to my mood has been unbelievable.

"Unbelievable transformation by Kate. I'm massively proud and is a great example of what can be achieved if you really want something. Kate made the decision things had to change!"

Mike Beer - Co-Owner

What results have you experienced since joining?

Where do I start, I've lost 29lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes. I've completely changed my eating habits and the difference in my mindset and mood is unbelievable. Friends and family have started to comment and notice my weight loss which has been a huge boost in confidence.

Since the age of 16, I have struggled with certain mental health issues as well as being on high levels of medication to help with anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. Leaving the house for me used to be an issue, I wouldn't even think about going out for a run. I've have now completed 3 mud runs and have signed up for the Cheltenham Half Marathon.

What does Studio Fit mean to you?

I genuinely LOVE going to Studio Fit and I can quite honestly say it has changed my life both body and mind. I am now excited to see what progress I can make over this coming year!! THANK YOU!!

What would you say to someone wanting to join Studio fit?

What are you waiting for...???

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