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How it works

Our programs are proven to work and we guarantee results.

“We’ve worked with hundreds of local men and women through our programs with huge success. For me the most satisfying part of the entire process is watching every single member grow with confidence as Studio Fit becomes apart of their everyday life.” Mike Beer


You reach out and apply for the program

Believe it or not, this is sometimes the hardest part. Too many people self sabotage their own success by talking themselves out of it and not making the first step.

We get it, the process can be a a little daunting, which is the exact reason we have come up with our 4 step enrolment phase. By simply filling out the application, you are committing to nothing more than a quick chat over the phone so you can discover more and find out if the appropriate program will be a good fit for you.


We get you booked in for the next enrolment evening

Once we’ve determined the program will be a great fit for you, we’ll get you booked onto the next induction.

The induction evening is designed with a understanding that starting anything new can feel a little daunting, especially when it comes to fitness. It will be very chilled, we’ll mainly be chatting and working on basic technique and movements in order to get you off to the best start with us. You’ll be in a group of new starters, everyone is in the exact same position so really nothing to worry about.


You fully commit to the program and get the results you desire

The program is designed to do a few main things, firstly to kick-start and accelerate your results, to find the right routine and balance, and for you to enjoy and embrace the entire process.

There’s one thing we know for sure, if you’re not enjoying it you won’t stick to it. Although we guarantee results on all our programs, it will take some time, commitment and dedication from your part in order to get the results we promise.


You decide whether Studio Fit is something you want to do long term so we can keep pushing forward with your results.

The beauty with this is that your only committing to the initial program. It put’s the ball back into our court and gives us as coaches the opportunity to show you how we can help and what you can achieve in a relatively short amount of time.

For us there’s something refreshing about not getting you tied into a longterm contract you can’t get out of. We’d rather show you how we can help and for you to make up your own mind once you’ve completed the program.

Our unique 4 step enrolment phase is by far the best process to getting anyone started with Studio Fit, kickstarting some results, building your confidence and finding your mojo back for fitness!

Our Guarantee

As a fitness facility we have two main things we pride ourselves on, the results we promise and the community we create.

We strive to be the best part of your day, each and every day and inspire you to create long lasting change to your life and help you achieve the results you truly deserve.

Most importantly, it’s always been our ultimate mission to be the last solution you ever try in order to get in shape.

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)