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Trust the process, it’s important once you commit, you feel confident you’re going to make great progress during your time with us.

If you’re looking for an ‘old-era’ commercial gym, where they sign you up for 12 months, leave you alone and let you just ‘get on with it’…. Then we wouldn’t be an ideal fit.

If you don’t mind training in small groups of likeminded people all after similar results within a supportive and friendly community where we put coaching and accountability first, without any boring machines or treadmills in sight…. Then maybe you want to explore a little further.

"For me it’s about one thing and one thing only…THE RESULT!!! If I don’t get you results I’ve let you down and that doesn’t cut it. My goal is to help you create a lifestyle that you not only enjoy but can maintain long term’

‘I get it…exercise and nutrition may not be number one priority but your health and fitness is what will ensure you are in a position to enjoy the people who are’ "


Bigger, Leaner, Stronger

Introducing Studio Fit’s Revolutionary Men’s Transformation Program. Purposely created for the busy, hardworking local guys who are aged 30+. Ideal for the everyday guy wanting to find his passion and motivation back for fitness. But more importantly finding himself back in a consistent routine, training alongside likeminded guys far away from the ego fueled, hustle and bustle of a commercial gym.

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Fitcamp Revolution

Studio Fit’s ‘application only’ transformation program. This plan is carefully designed to help our female clients firstly drop inches, burn away any stubborn body fat areas and tone up. We’ll focus on getting you feeling fitter, stronger and A LOT more motivated and confident through exercise and healthy eating without becoming obsessed and counting calories.

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