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Bored of the gym? Looking for a new focus and would like to train in groups of likeminded people, then Studio Fit could be just what you’re looking for...

Our Vision

Find out why Studio Fit is different

Guided Approach

Unlike a normal gym, here you’ll never be left to your own devices. All our sessions are delivered from a weekly timetable by one of our coaches. So there’s really nothing to worry about as you can leave all the planning to us.

Quality not quantity

We can never stress this point enough. We really don’t pride ourselves on how hard our sessions are. It takes no skill to ‘beast’ someone; our goal is to make you better and grow with confidence each and every session.

Results Focused

Behind every single member of ours, there is always a story and a strong reason ‘why’… We all have different limitations and goals, but our job as good coaches is to recognize this, understand what they are and find a clear path in moving forward.

The Perfect Mix

It’s about finding the right balance. Balance is everything! We feel we’ve designed the perfect program for both men and women so we can help kick start and motivate anyone back into fitness in an environment away from the ‘norm’ of a boring commercial gym.


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How our programs work


1. Application / Strategy Call

All programs are application only and to get onboard any program you will first need to apply. We offer a free strategy call to anyone who submits an application.

This allows us to get a better understanding where you’re currently at, what exactly you’re looking for and what direction you want to go with your results. Once we find clarity on this, it will help us determine whether the program would be a good fit or not.

2. Program

Before we talk about membership or anything else, we put our focus into our renowned transformation programs. We have set programs for both women and men, so if you want to start Studio Fit you would have enroll onto one of these.

It’s a different approach to just looking to sign you up for a 12 month contract and hoping to never see you again. It puts the ball back into our court, so we can show you just how much you can achieve in a relatively short amount of time. Don’t forget, all our programs guarantee results or your money back.

3. Goals & Expectations

Once you’ve enrolled into one of our programs, we look to get you off to the best start possible. Our approach is far more than just some ‘exercise classes’. The workouts are just a single piece of the puzzle. We dig into nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle habits while giving you all the accountability and support needed.

The most important factor is finding the right balance. This is super important for us, so that you enjoy what you’re doing, you get the results we promise, without it taking over your life.

4. Maintain

Once you’ve completed one of our programs you’d be qualified to stay on as a member. It’s no secret, that our mission is to keep you on long-term as part of the community. At this point we’re confident you would have made huge progress during your program and we’d love to work with you longer, to maintain your results and keep pushing forward with the progress you’re making


Bigger, Leaner, Stronger

Introducing Studio Fit’s Revolutionary Men’s Transformation Program. Purposely created for the busy, hardworking local guys who are aged 30+. Ideal for the everyday guy wanting to find his passion and motivation back for fitness. But more importantly finding himself back in a consistent routine, training alongside likeminded guys far away from the ego fueled, hustle and bustle of a commercial gym.

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Fitcamp Revolution

Studio Fit’s ‘application only’ transformation program. This plan is carefully designed to help our female clients firstly drop inches, burn away any stubborn body fat areas and tone up. We’ll focus on getting you feeling fitter, stronger and A LOT more motivated and confident through exercise and healthy eating without becoming obsessed and counting calories.

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A bit about us



"We had a vision to do something different. To set up a facility focussed on results and the community we built around it. To go against the norm and promote tried and tested programs that guarantee a specific result, rather than longterm contract memberships where you’re just left to your own devices. "



All three of us have always had a passion when it comes to fitness, since a very early age our dream as brothers was to have a gym. As we got a little older and developed more experience within the fitness industry we knew opening a standard traditional gym was no longer our dream. In our opinion the traditional way of operating a gym needed a big change. Although nothing similar was around at the time, in our own minds we had the perfect image of exactly how we wanted it.

Unsure whether it would work at the time, we're now 5 years on Studio Fit and B.L.S are booming, helping more people than we thought imaginable, running proven result based programs, building a strong fitness community and making a huge impact on peoples lives.

Some stats for you

We pride ourselves on results, retention and enjoyment.





Our Guarantee

As a fitness facility we have two main things we pride ourselves on, the results we promise and the community we create.

We strive to be the best part of your day, each and every day and inspire you to create long lasting change to your life and help you achieve the results you truly deserve.

Most importantly, it’s always been our ultimate mission to be the last solution you ever try in order to get in shape.

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)