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Jun 6, 2018

Goal Setting - Part 2

How To Set Goals For Guaranteed Results!!!

“A goal is a dream with a deadline”


Our last blog post (read it here —> Goal Setting - Part 1) spoke about your ‘WHY' and putting purpose behind your goals and making sure they mean something to you. Many of us say we just want to get a bit fitter, just want to be toned. But goals like that are too general and lack real direction, therefore rarely end in the desired outcome of a leaner body and healthier lifestyle.

You may have heard this before…your goals must be SMART

Specific – what specifically do you want to do?

Measureable – How will you know when you’ve achieved it?

Attainable – Is in your power to achieve?

Relevant – Does your goal reflect your why/important to you?

Timely – Is there a time frame?

Now you know your goals must be SMART you must understand the two types of goals you will have.


You will have outcome goals and behavior goals, but what are these?


Outcome GoalsOutcome goals are the end result based around a series of behaviors. For example ‘I want to lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks’ is an outcome goal.


Behaviour GoalsBehaviour goals are the actionable things you can do day in day out to help you reach your outcome. They are in your control. Taking the example above, behaviors that would help you reach this goal are; I will exercise 4 times a week minimum, I will eat a high protein and balanced diet, I will drink 3 liters of water a day, I will track my progress weekly using measurements.


You should be starting to understand the importance of a ‘WHY’, the fact that goals should be SMART and the two types of goals you should have.


Now is time to write these goals down and become accountable. The importance of writing goals down is paramount, it’s not good enough just to think it so do it NOW

Once they are written down share them with someone and team up and work together. At Studio Fit we work hard to create a community where you can work alongside likeminded people in friendly surroundings allowing you to reach all your goals

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Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)