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May 2, 2018

Stop Counting Calories!!!

Why you shouldn't count calories and what you should do instead...

Don’t count calories!



"But that's what everyone is telling me to do" I here you shout!



It's controversial I know!!! But bear with me…


Firstly, CALORIES DO COUNT. If you eat to much and do too little it’s highly likely you will gain weight and get all the negative effects that come with this!


But counting calories is a chore and there is an easier way (to start at least)


Having worked with thousands of people at Studio Fit and BLS a common theme is people over eat carbs and fats under eat protein.


Now carbs and fats are great and will help you achieve all your health and fitness goals but they are easily overeaten in large amounts and without enough protein and nutrients in your diet you rarely feel satisfied leading to more overeating


A vicious cycle that will stop your fat loss goals dead!


Now, we want to drop calories and get you in great shape so how do you do it without the mathematical rigmarole of weighting food and counting every last morsel that passes your lips


Luckily for you we all have a portable measuring tool and here is what you need to do…



Above is how we measure our food and below is a starting point and then make adjustments in portions based on how your body reacts
3 times a day do the following and add a snack if you like :)



Palm sized portion of protein (women 1, men 1-2)
Fist of veggies (1-2 for women and men)
Cupped handful of carbs (1/2 - 1 women, 1-2 men)
Thumb sized portion of fat (1 women, 1-2 men)
1 large glass of water



Sounds too simple right? That’s because it is!


This is the exact protocol we use for our clients at Studio Fit & BLS and for 95% of people this is where you need to start and trust me you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!


If you’re looking for some help with your health and fitness we are here to help to click the link and APPLY TODAY!


"KISS!! Keep It Simple Stupid!"

Lewis - Owner

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)