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I needed to find somewhere I could train as part of a group as it's a huge motivator for me.

Why did you join Studio Fit?

I knew I needed to get my fitness back and lose weight. I needed to find somewhere I could train as part of a group as it's a huge motivator for me and trying to so it alone just wasn't working.

What Fears did you have before you joined?

I was nervous on my first visit but as soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by friendly people, all in the same boat. I walked out feeling like I had deffinitely found the right place.


  • Getting my fitness back
  • Losing 3.5 stone
  • Staying motivated
  • Having coaches to keep you on track
  • Meeting great people

“ I can honestly say I've never enjoyed exercise so much! I set myself a goal, trained 4-5 times per week, watched what I ate and the weight started to fall off! ”

- Sharron -

What did you struggle with before Studio Fit?

After picking up an injury while training for a marathon, the weight piled on, I had gotten lazy wth myself and I was struggling to get motivated, something needed to change!

"Sharron is such a nice person and really great to be around. She deserves all the success she's achieved... 3.5 stone... WOW!"

Mike Beer - Co-Owner

What results have you experienced since joining?

I knew what I wanted to achieve and tried to work really hard during the sessions by coming 4-5 times per week and watching what I ate. The weight started to fall off, my fitness levels improved and I have managed to lose 3.5 stone with Studio Fit. I feel fit, healthy and a lot happier.

What does Studio Fit mean to you?

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed exercise so much! Here at Studio Fit the laughs are plenty and the people and coaches are fab. It's such a sociable place, the sessions are never the same which keeps my interest and motivation.

What would you say to someone wanting to join Studio fit?

Do not hesitate! Come and get involved and be part of the community, you'll love it!

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