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Oct 27, 2016

10 reasons your workout might be failing you…

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Alongside 10 top tips to switch a negative into a positive...

The fitness industry is full of a LOT of strong opinions with what you should and shouldn’t be doing, and with the internet and social media going crazy for fitness nowadays, I guess it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, confusing and misleading when trying to find the perfect plan.

If there’s one thing I believe in more than anything else when trying to get started and make progress, it would be this…
So when writing this blog I wanted to give you my top 10 reasons why you might be sabotaging your own success and results with whatever fitness journey you may be on.


Check out my top 10 reasons why you may become frustrated with your training. Why you don’t see the results you wanted and feel bored and exhausted rather than energised and confident.


With each problem I will give you a quick basic TOP TIP to try and fix it and change the negative into a positive.


Like my main tip, I’m keeping this super simple. If it helps just 1 person reading this blog to take action or make a change, then it’s done it’s job, but remember it’s all down to you.


1 - No plan or purpose behind the workouts
You don’t want to find yourself whinging the workouts with no real direction. Follow a program which works and is proven to get results. A bit of this and a bit of that, just doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to achieve great results. Do your best to understand what it is you’re doing and the reason behind it.


Follow a plan for at least 4-6 weeks before changing it. Here at Studio Fit we’re a big fan of total body, core, strength and high intensity exercises. We call these the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ exercises and avoid wasting any unnecessary time spent at the gym.


2 - Not enough intensity
Doing exercise is great, but ask yourself are you just going through the motions..? Are you training with any purpose? You don’t want to find yourself just ticking boxes, remember we’re in this to get noticeable results and feel great!
Having an off day or even week is completely normal, but try not to make a habit of it so let’s ramp it up a gear.


It’s simple, up the intensity and train with a real purpose. Here at Studio Fit we love short, high energy, high tempo sessions. This isn’t to be confused with ‘BEASTINGS’… It’s about the right exercises, at the right intensity so you don’t have to waste hours at the gym and finding yourself bored to death.


3 - Not enough rest and recovery
This can lead to over training, injuries, lack of motivation and feeling drained. It can quickly effect your performance during your workouts.


Balance is key, you wouldn’t believe it, but rest days are just as important as workout days! You want to train smart not hard. Enjoy your time exercising, but don’t forget to enjoy your days off.


4 - Fuelled with the wrong nutrition
It’s hard to out train a bad diet. Your workouts and exercise routine can only get you so far in terms of consistent results. If not fuelled with a balanced healthy nutrition plan you’ll be fighting a losing battle and slowly grind to a stop with your results. :(


I hear a lot of the time it’s 20% exercise - 80% nutrition. I would disagree and say it’s 100% exercise and 100% nutrition. What I’m trying to get across here, is it’s about balance and they’re just as important as each other.
A healthy balance diet which is helping you move closer towards your goals, making you feel great with more energy shouldn’t feel like a restrictive ridiculous diet.
Embrace the changes, enjoy your food and experiment with new tasty recipes. You’d be surprised, a little planning and preparation can go along way.


5 - All or nothing mindset
It’s a sure fire way to burn yourself out in the long run and lose motivation as you jump from one extreme to another. You feel on a complete high as you throw everything into your training, or you feel on a complete low and give up quickly or self sabotage when you miss a few sessions.


Find a plan that fits around you. You don’t need to sacrifice everything to enjoy your training and see results. Getting a planner always helps and marking 4 weeks worth of exercise. If it’s 3 sessions per week, 12 sessions over the month, mark them down tick them off and stay steadily consistent. Give yourself a reward at the end of the 4 weeks when you’ve hit your 12 sessions.
Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you miss a session, life goes on just pick it up elsewhere.


6 - No steady progression
Doing the same routine, the same run, the same exercises at the same intensity and weight… Whatever it may be, if you’re not adding any form of progression your results will SLOW DOWN.


Set yourself small goals and targets with your training. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure with this, ultimately you want to enjoy your exercise, but it’s just as important to make progress so push yourself and be that little bit better with each week.


7 - Not understanding your ‘why’
I’m a big fan of getting to the core reason in why you are doing what you’re doing. If you haven’t got a deep underlying why it’s time to set one. This can help massively with off days and get you back on track and refocussed.


Take some time in gaining some clarity with your own personal why. Ask yourself, what’s the main reason you’re doing this. When you revert back to your ‘why’ it needs to motivate and inspire you to keep working towards your goals. I would always recommend to write your why down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you can see everyday.


8 - Not working towards meaningful goals
If you’re not setting goals and working to achieve them, there’s a chance you can become bored, unmotivated and lose interest. Goals are a great way to track progress and feel a huge sense of achievement through your journey.


Just like the ‘why’ these goals need to be written down on a piece of paper and re-assessed every 4 weeks. Break them down into behaviour goals and outcome goals. Outcome goals are specifics you want to achieve and behaviour goals are daily processes you need to achieve them.


Here’s a very basic example -
  • Drop a dress size for Christmas
  • Exercise 3 FitCamps per week
  • Increase my protein and vegetables intake with every meal
  • Drink more water
  • Plan my workouts and meals 1 week in advance within my journal
  • Complete my morning and evening routine
9 - No excitement, fun or variation
This one is pretty simple, If you’re not getting excited and you’re dreading your workouts you’ll become bored very quickly.


You may have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new and get your passion back for exercise, maybe something you haven’t done before. It’s good to mix things up a little to keep you on your toes and excited for exercise.


10 - Quick fix mentality
The quick fix and yoyo diets is a cycle you don’t want to be in. Yes you may see quick immediate results, but it’s the wrong kind of progress and simply can’t be maintained longterm which is bad for your health.


Easier said than done, but play the long game with exercise. set yourself realistic goals, stay steadily consistent and do the small things right. Results will come with time and hard work. Make small changes across your lifestyle rather than extreme ones.


Hope you've found this helpful, fi you have any question drop us a line on the 'chat now' section of the website. I'll do my best to get back to you as quick as I can. 

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