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Oct 17, 2016

3 Mistakes Women Make When Getting Into Shape

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There's a fine line between setting yourself up to succeed or setting yourself up to fail.


Starting anything new can be a little daunting, we completely get that. But even more so when it comes to the dreaded gym environment, so we want to give you the best chance of success. 

So here's a few things to avoid when you decide to pluck up the motivation and confidence to get started with your new fitness regime. 

Remember... There’s a fine line between setting yourself up to succeed or setting yourself up to fail…

It seems a little harsh, but it’s so true. By the time you’ve read to the bottom of this post, hopefully you’ll have a good understanding of what to avoid and what needs to be done in order to reach your goals and make your new fitness regime a way of life and not something you lose interest in just 2 weeks down the line.

At Studio Fit we speak to women day in and day out, all super keen to make a change to their lifestyle, health and fitness and are ready to take a huge step and finally do something, which is awesome!

It's funny, because what we’ve found over the past 5 years is 3 very common trends that have the power to sabotage all your results and motivation very quickly. But on the other hand can easily be flipped around and used as a tool and to your advantage to make progress and stay motivated with ease.

So let's get to it, here’s our top mistake we see all too often with newbies.


1 - The All or Nothing Mentality!

Sometimes it’s a downfall of your own excitement to get started. You want to do everything NOW! You drastically change everything to work around your new routine. You plan on exercising every single day, you completely change your nutrition plan and it’s almost going from one extreme to another.

It’s not your fault and granted this all comes from good intentions, but sometimes you need to reign it back a little and approach it slightly differently.

I don't care what anyone says, you need to ease yourself into the new exercise routine or nutrition plan. Make small changes that can be sustained, that fit in with your lifestyle and effortlessly turned into everyday habits.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be excited about your new routine, but come up with a plan which is doable and stick to it.

For example, ( for complete newbie beginner ) this week I will exercise 2 times per week, go for a long walk and focus on drinking more water, eating more veggies and protein with each meal.

This is just an idea, but the main point I’m getting at is this...

Realise you’re playing the long game, this isn’t a sprint finish from the start. Enjoy the process and don’t overwhelm yourself from the get go.

Remember - Slow and steady consistent behaviours always win in this game!

2 - The Wrong Exercise Routine.

Don’t get me wrong any exercise is good exercise, and I would never bash it. But just be aware there’s a lot of fads and routines that promise the world and don’t come close to the results you deserve.

Pick your exercise routine wisely so you’re not left feeling disappointed with all your hard work and lack of results.

Just like mistake number 1, more isn’t always better. You need to train smarter in order to get better results so you can spend less time in the gym.

Gone are the days of spending pointless hours and hours in the gym. I know if I had to spend 2 hours training in the gym everyday I’d begrudge my workouts. Don’t get me wrong I like training but I also like my personal time. It’s about balance and being more efficient with your workouts.

Selecting exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck, so that you can spend less time in the gym and more time around friends and family... It's a no brainer, right? 

Check out the video and see for yourself what we do here at Studio Fit in as little as 30 minutes. 



3 - Loosing Interest Too Quickly

The final killer of all new habits and exercise routines. Falling off the bandwagon to quickly to even see results. It’s a real shame as they’ve done the hard bit, they’ve made that first step, all they need to do now is do the work.

I feel sometimes the THOUGHT and FEELING of getting fit, losing weight and making healthier changes is better than actually carrying out what they promised to themselves.

Results come with time and consistent behaviours so try your hardest to get out the mindset of quick fix and over night success, I'm sorry to say there's no such thing. 

With anyone starting one of our transformation programs we make sure they set short term, long term and behaviour goals and a very strong reason ‘WHY’ they are doing this in the first place. 

This gives them sense of purpose, achievement and the main driving force to why they have started in the first place. 

We all have bad days, but the difference is what we do when we don’t feel up to it. So give it time, enjoy the process and stick with it long enough to see the results come in, because trust me it will all be worth it. 

So let's summarise in one sentence...

Don't go crazy from day 1, select a proven exercise plan you enjoy and give it long enough to work for you. Otherwise chances are you'll fall off the bandwagon with a feeling of disappointment which is NOT what we want to happen. 

Good luck and reach out via the website if you have any questions, we'd love to help. 


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