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May 16, 2016

3 Step Diet Guide

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An easy guide to how to eat like a man

With all the fad diets and quick fixes, not to mention the endless supplements and ‘magic pills’ that promise the world it’s no wonder guys don’t know what to do to eat right...

Diet shouldn't be a complex routine of mathematics followed by guilt if you deviate 1% but quite often we are under the misconception this is what it is and u ltimately what we want is actually very simple…

We want to be healthy, feel better, have more energy and we all know there is some vanity involved.

We want to look good and thats ok. Looking good brings confidence and raises self esteem and all the health benefits that go along with getting a body looking good are well worth it. Because it’s very rare that someone will get a lean and strong physique without eating well and exercising.

So what should you do?

Low carb? no carb? High fat? high protein? calorie count? go paleo? 5:2? the list goes on, it really is no surprise you are confused about this all

The solution is simple and it works 100% of the time ———> (You can download the full guidelines here)

Step 1 – Don’t Calorie Count!!!

Controversial I know because we’ve been told its all about calories in verses calories out. Well that is true but you can control calories without counting them if you implement the right strategies. The problem with calorie counting is that it becomes obsessive and is very unlikely you will do it for prolonged periods of time.

Are you really going to weight your food and track every last thing that goes in your mouth everyday? Also just how accurate these calorie counting apps are is up for debate as well as the fact nutritional info on packaging is a guide and not 100% accurate.

So the answer is to replace your man made, multi ingredient foods with real single ingredient foods. Here is a little tip, it you look on the back of a packet and it has 20 different ingredients and you can’t even pronounce half of them, maybe it’s not the best choice.

This leads me onto the next step

Step 2 – How To Set Your Meals Up

Most guys believe you have to cut a food group out or do something dramatic to get a lean and healthy body but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Nutrition is easy when you know how and although we aren’t calorie counting we are controlling calories. We all have a portable measuring tool and it is our hand, it’s specific to us and is so easy to use you can’t get it wrong. If you just follow these simple rules you’ll be sure to get the body you want while feeling satisfied and full of energy.

Here’s how you should set your meals up

  • 2 palms of protein

  • 1-2 cupped handfuls of carbs

  • 2 fists of vegetables

  • 1-2 thumbs of fat

  • 1 large glass of water


It really is that simple guys and you can use any foods you like and that suit your tastes. Eating like this will keep you full, improve health and get you the body you want. But you must be prepared, fill you fridge and cupboards with high quality foods that are quick and easy to whip up

Step 3 – Follow the 80% rule

The 80% rule is something I make all my clients follow. Too many guys think they must go all or nothing in order to get results and then this usually leads to throwing the towel in.

We all like a drink right and like to eat out and want to have a pudding without feeling guilty. Well thats ok!

If you follow the protocols I have explained about just 80% of the time you will still get the results you desire. You can still eat the foods you love and still enjoy a drink from time to time.

So what does that really mean? Lets say you have 4 meals a day, over a week that is 28 meals and 80% of these should follow the rules I put above as a minimum. If we round up that is 23 meals…leaving you to deviate from the plan 5 times a week.

I’m not saying go mental and eat yourself into a coma but eat without guilt and have what you want because the plan that works is the one that you can stick to longterm. Not one that offers a quick fix and restricts you from certain foods

The Wrap Up

Nutrition does not have to be as complicated as we’ve been led to believe. It really is just a matter of eating whole single ingredient foods at least 80% of the time. Don’t cut any food group out and don’t go all or nothing.

Your goal should be to create a lifestyle and follow a plan that serves you, not to become a slave to food.

This exact plan is responsible for getting my clients the unbelievable results they do. Along with a sound exercise plan and with our online and offline accountability measures you cannot fail to get the body, health and life you deserve!!!

What's Next?

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"Eating to get in shape is easy when you know how...and we know how"

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