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May 9, 2016

5 Mistakes Men Over 30 Make When Exercising

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Ever thought why am I not in the shape I was in when I was 20? And why is it getting harder to stay in shape?

Unfortunately guys it does get harder as you get older and specifically working with men over 30 has given me huge insight into why these guys just aren’t in the shape they want to be.

At Bigger, Leaner, Stronger there is no guesswork when it comes to what we do. We only work with likeminded individuals all striving for the goal of becoming a more athletic, leaner and stronger version of themselves, while getting all the health benefits of this.


Before we get into the mistakes you are making I’m going to tell you 2 reasons why it is getting harder for you.

Firstly as you get older testosterone drops, this is the primary male hormone that in short is responsible for maintaining and building muscle mass and fat burning, as well as keeping you focused and motivated.

Secondly and as a result of this drop in testosterone amongst other things you lose muscle mass as early as your 30s. this loss can be at a rate of 3-5% per decade if you are inactive and only speeds up if you don’t take action to prevent it.

The result of this?

Well most of us gain weight as we age, but how can that be if you are naturally losing muscle mass?

It’s because as you lose muscle and testosterone drops your metabolism slows and even if your food intake doesn’t increase (which it probably has) you are on a road to fat gain.

It’s a slippery slope.

I know guys are crying out for the solution to this because I talk to them and work with them day in day out. And it really doesn’t have to be so complicated as everyone makes out.

Here are the 5 mistakes I see most often and what to do to rectify this and finally regain your motivation and body.


1. Guys don’t train for their goal


If I had a pound for every time a guy came up to me and said I do loads of (insert menial form of cardio here) but still cant get in shape I’d be a rich man.

Most guys I work with all say the same thing….’I want more muscle, less body fat and to be stronger’

If this is the case running, or hitting the cross trainer for an hour at a time will get you nowhere near the result you want. If anything it will probably eat away at the muscle you already have.

Now I’m not saying it doesn’t have health benefits to do cardio because it does. But why not get all the same health benefits as well as get the body you want??

It’s very simple guys and it doesn’t involve hours and hours of boring slow cardio or an obsession with the gym.

Quite simply you need to do exercise that involves resistance or lifting weights, do metabolic work and do HITT or high intensity interval training.

This can all be done in less the 3 hours a week if you get a good program, the type of program we give that gets results 100% of the time.


2. Guys go to the gym and do ‘the machines’


I’ve sort of covered this above with not training for your goal.

Going to the gym and aimlessly walking round doing the odd set of chest press and bicep curls on a fixed machine will get you nowhere fast.

You need a program, one that covers what I said above. You should have days where you focus on strength training and promoting muscle maintenance as a minimum, days where you do metabolic work aimed and burning fat as well as promoting lean muscle gain and elevated metabolism and you should do HIIT where the goal is predominately fat burning and cardiovascular benefits.

Don’t wing it when you go in the gym and just do ‘the machines’ get a program.


3. Guys think more is better


How many times have you started a self directed exercise nutrition plan and gone all out?

It works well for a week or two; you are even seeing some results. But then it catches up on you as you realise with a busy schedule it’s all to much and you miss a session or two.

That makes you feel like crap and you get the guilt, which in turn lowers your motivation and confidence. Then you just think ‘what’s the point?’ and throw the towel in.

More is not better.

At Bigger, Leaner, Stronger we ditch the nonsense and only do the things that will truly make a difference and will propel you to the results you want.

We call it the minimum effective dose. The perfect dose of exercise that means you get results 100% of the time without exercise becoming your life.


4. Guys neglect lower body training.


This counts for all ages not just the over 30s.

So many guys just flat out don’t do legs. And the excuse…I do loads of running so don’t really need to do legs. That’s rubbish and it’s an excuse.

Think of lower body exercises as total body exercises. They have such huge benefits they just cant be ignored. The amount of muscle used and effect it has on metabolism is second to none.

Think total body when you train, the more muscles you can use at once the better. And think movements not muscle.

Here’s what you need to hit

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Squat
  • Hinge
  • Lunge
  • Single leg
  • Core Stability/Twist

If you do these you’re getting a great workout and will see some serious results.


5. Guys go it alone


Self directed exercise and nutrition plans fail 98% of the time. Read that again…98% of the time.

That’s just not good enough; the usual commercial gyms are failing you and I’m sorry for that. Truly sorry that the industry I love is doing this to you and allowing it to happen.

Accountably is a huge factor in becoming leaner, fitter and healthier because I know for a fact it works.

Guys are doing exactly this in my programs, even with a busy schedules.

It isn’t really that hard, once you know how and stop listening to the noise.

My suggestion to you would be to get a training partner as a bare minimum, someone who you can rely on to commit just like you. Even better you could employ a coach or join a group of likeminded guys like the ones we have at Bigger, Leaner, Stronger.


Wrap up


We all think we know what we should be doing, but if that is the case why are so many of us failing to get the body we want and continue to get unhealthier and overweight?

Maybe you don’t know and you need another approach, one that’s tried and tested and gets real results 100% of the time.


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