Don't ask me why I FitCamp. Ask yourself why you don't.… | Studio Fit

Oct 17, 2017

Don't ask me why I FitCamp. Ask yourself why you don't.

Exercise does not have to be lonely and boring. There is another way to kick start your motivation and accelerate results.

So you’re thinking about getting fitter, losing weight, improving your muscles tone or just generally increasing your activity levels to feel a bit better about yourself.


However, you look at your options, join a gym, start running, start cycling, start swimming. All of these can be very lonely options and this can quickly turn to lack of motivation, lack of intensity, inconsistency and ultimately lack of results.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Exercise can be fun, varied, enjoyable, intense and fast. This will lead to higher motivation levels, increased consistency and amazing results.


So why choose to take part in a FitCamp:


1. Training in a group. It’s amazing what happens when you train as part of a group of likeminded people. Motivation is high, intensity is high and results come faster. Not to mention the support you get from people around you.


2. Functional equipment. Kettlebells, slam balls, power bags, battle ropes and TRX’s are just some examples. These allow us to exercise through various planes of motion, which mimic real life. This will make you feel fitter and stronger for everyday tasks.


3. Bigger calorie burn. Because we engage more of the muscular system and mix cardio and resistance training at a high intensity it allows your body to become a calorie burning machine.


4. Short workouts. We know that busy people can’t dedicate hours a week to the gym or their fitness regimes. That why a FitCamp is 30-45 minutes long. It fits into the busiest of lifestyles and is sustainable.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this type of training is the only way to train. I personally run, lift weights play badminton and walk a lot. But I enjoy exercise most when I am around other likeminded people in a group smashing a FitCamp.


Running, lifting weights and walking can at times be lonely and boring and I understand why people give up. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


My advice would be if you’ve tried it all but feel you lack motivation give a FitCamp a try. We can get you booked into an induction with a group of people who are also new to FitCamps.


You never know you might just learn to love exercise again.


Don’t ask me why I FitCamp. Ask yourself why you don’t……

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)