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May 4, 2016

Gymtimidation – 5 reasons you shouldn’t be afraid of the gym!!!

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Is Your Fear Of The Gym Stopping You From Improving Your Health, Fitness And Body?

Gymtimidation is a real thing!! - Read on to find out 5 reasons why it shouldn't hold you back and should be a thing of the past!!!

You probably wont want to admit it as you're a man but part of the reason you may have gotten out of shape is because you’re afraid


Afraid of failure, afraid you wont know what to do, afraid you aren’t fit enough to get started and afraid of being selfish

Well none of those things are true. If you reach out to the right people and get the right advice gymtimidation can be a thing of the past and you can start to change your life

At Bigger Leaner Stronger we get it, let’s face facts you aren’t in your 20s anymore and your body and fitness aren’t what they used to be.

You probably don’t really know how you got like this (maybe you know but aren’t aware of it) but it’s obvious...other things took priority!!!

Work and family are the most important things to the guys I coach including me and so they should be. But what they guys I coach have forgotten is those things can’t be at there best if YOU aren’t right.

Now you’re in a position where you feel low on energy, unfit, unhealthy and don’t like what’s looking back at you in the mirror and you don’t know where to turn

The commercial gyms are full of egos, they do little to motivate you and know little about how to actually get long lasting results

Well at BLS we understand this and strive to be different and everything we do is set up to get guys like you success and results that last without any gymtimidation

Here are the 5 ways Gymtimidation should be a thing of the past

1. You don’t need to be fit to go – I’ve heard numerous times, too many times in fact that someone doesn’t feel fit enough to come to the gym. They say I’ll get fit first and that’s just backwards!!! The whole point of going to the gym is to improve and make progress, remember everyone starts somewhere and at BLS we find out your start point. It really doesn’t matter what level you are at we will cater for you and your needs

2. Everyone is focused on themselves and not you – feeling self conscious when first walking into a gym is a common thing, trust me I own a gym and if I went into a big commercial gym I’d still feel a little uncomfortable. But no one cares!!! People are pretty much focused on themselves when they go into the gym and they aren’t looking at you or trying to see if you do things right or wrong. At BLS everyone who has walked through the doors was once in your position and felt the same, they had doubts and nerves but soon realised what we offer is an environment of likeminded guys all focused on there own results. And when they are focusing on you it’s because they want to help not judge

3. The gym boosts confidence – Again this goes back to how you feel about you and it’s ok to feel a little low on confidence. Ultimately you wouldn’t ask for my help if you weren’t but as soon as you walk through those doors and start training and getting stronger, looking leaner, feeling fitter confidence grows. Watching the confidence of the guys at BLS grow is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do

4. People want to help you – At BLS we want to help you and our main focus is to get you to your end goal whatever that may be. 90% of the guys come in for fat loss but we can adapt the program for you to suit your needs. It’s about building a program around what you want not around me telling you what’s right and what’s wrong. The best thing about the community we’ve built is not only that I personally make it my mission t help and serve everyone who asks for my help but now the BLS boys are making it their mission to help to. I never asked anyone to do this it just happened because when new guys come in they know how it feels both to start and to get the results

5. You can change – The main reason ‘normal’ gyms don’t work is because motivation is almost impossible to maintain for more than a few weeks. At a guess you’ve probably tried the gym in the last few years right? And short term it was ok once you got over the initial gymtimidation, but very quickly you became uninterested and demotivated meaning any results you did see short term disappeared. Now what this does is just confirm that you cant get in shape so what’s the point. This is wrong!!! You can change your body and life if you follow a plan that is designed for guys exactly like you

Take it from me, after talking to hundreds of guys who have gotten out of shape and having worked with hundreds more at BLS gymtimidation should never stop you making the changes you want and you deserve

Take a look at some of the guys below who once were intimidated by the gym but joined one that was specifically set up for guys like them

If you want to get over your gymtimidation and finally make the necessary changes to your health, fitness, body and life click the link and we’ll be happy to chat and go through how we could help you


What are you waiting for???

"If you are considering joining a gym, stop! Book an appointment to speak to Lewis, read the testimonies, and make a decision that will change your life! - Steve Bateman"

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