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Jun 30, 2016

Should You Go It Alone?

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Going it alone may be holding you back when it comes to the results you desire and deserve

Over 90% of self directed exercise and nutrition plans end in failure....

Yes you read that right and thats a huge failure of the so called exercise and nutrition gurus that are full of false promises and offer little to no real life advice

The fact of the matter is most plans do not set you up for long term success and/or a lifestyle that will give you health and happiness

The question is what can you do about it and should you try and go it alone

Here is why I think you shouldn't...

1. You aren't accountable

As much as we like to think we can self motivate it is in fact very hard to do so. If you aren't accountable to someone or something it's far to easy to skip a session, let your nutrition spiral out of control and just get lazy. Being accountable to either a trainer or a gym buddy will give you the focus to stay on track and will keep you consistent 

2. You think you know...but you don't 

I hear time and time again 'I know what i should be doing'. Unfortunately you probably don't know because if you did you'd be doing it and would have more success when it comes to your health, fitness and physique. You see the text book diets and exercise plans are great on paper but aren't very realistic. I mean who's got the time to count calories, measure their food and train 7 days a week? This might be ok for the gym obsessed fitness model type but lets get real it does not work in the real world!!! You need to find someone who works with people like you and actually as a track record of getting results for people like YOU

3. You'll make excuses

This goes hand in hand with the accountability problem. It's easy to make excuses and tell yourself 'you're to busy' but the reality is no one is too busy to spend time on their health. If you have this mindset you need to change it quick, if you don't start taking your health seriously you'll come unstuck. Remember it starts with you, you can't be at your best for your family, your work or anything if you don't health your physical and mental health and they go hand in hand.

4. You'll go off track

How many times have you started your new health and fitness kick, joined a gym, been given a program only to follow everything perfectly for two weeks then slowly start wondering aimlessly around the gym doing the machines? So many people do it and end up getting nowhere fast. You need focus, you need direction and you need someone to show you what that consists of. A good trainer knows what it takes to get results and having one will give you the focus you need to reach your goals.

5. You'll go half heartedly 

Exercising alone is extremely tough, it takes a lot of self motivation and mental strength. Now some people have this but the majority see exercise as a chore. It shouldn't be, it should be something you enjoy and something that is fun as well as effective. A group can be a huge game changer and for me it's the missing ingredient for most people. Now exercise and nutrition is essential to results but its the group, the community and the comradre that will keep you motivated and keep you consistent. That's where the magic happens

The Wrap Up

Now you could go it alone and end up frustrated, de-motivated and back at square one quicker than you started or you could reach out and work with a proven method and likemided people all getting real results

At Bigger Leaner Stronger we are the experts at this and its why over 90% of guys we work with are successful in contrast to the usual gyms and self directed exercise and nutrition plans where 90% fail

The power of working with others and the group should never be underestimated and it is the most important thing at BLS when it comes to creating a long term lifestyle and awesome results that stick

Just take a look below at the sorts of results we get time and time again, they speak for themselves...

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"The key to success is embracing others and being part of a community"

Lewis - BLS Creator

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)