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Aug 18, 2016

The All or Nothing Solution

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Going all or nothing can be an extremely negative mind set and will hold you's time to change it!!!

Many of us suffer from and all or nothing mindset and it can be extremely damaging to your health and fitness long term.


Here's the low down, you're on a new health and fitness kick and you've decided you're going to hit it hard and give it your all because it's time you sorted out your health, fitness and physique.

Training 7 days a week, no booze, no carbs just a new healthy lifestyle 100% of the time

This is great for about 2 weeks, training is good, you're eating right and you've even lost a few pounds. You feel good for it but it's been tough, motivation is slipping and you feel yourself wanting to deviate

You decide you're going to miss tonights session and when you get home you aren't going to have the usual chicken and veg and you fancy a few drinks.

Then you feel bad and one missed session turns into two and before you know it a week has passed and you haven't followed your diet once in the last 7 days. A weigh in shows the weight you lost has gone back on, you've even gained a few extra pounds...

So whats the point? once again you've failed in your health and fitness pursuits so your throw in the towel feeling worse than ever and going back to the 'nothing'

Now this is a story I've heard time and time again and it stops many guys sorting out their health and fitness once and for all because they tell themselves if it doesnt go perfectly you might as well not bother

After working with literally hundreds of guys over the past 2 years we've shown the 'all or nothing' mentality is something that needs to be pushed to one side because it never works


The solution is easy and it takes just 3 shifts in mindset in order to get the results you truly deserve not only short term but long term too.


Life has changed and you aren't 21 anymore. When you are a busy guy with work and family taking priority the days of training 7 days a week are long gone

The good news is it's also unnecessary. A well structured program should only take 3 hours a week over a 3-4 day period. Start to think more isn't better, better is better and if you have an effective and efficient program you will see fantastic results even if you have limited time.

Reducing the amount of time you think you have to exercise will also keep motivation high, you'll actually enjoy your time in the gym rather than dread it


A new exercise plan normally goes hand in hand with a new diet and the first thing people think the have to do is restrict and exclude anything they believe to be unhealthy. No booze, no carbs and everything should be low fat right? Wrong!

You need to take a more flexible approach and should be able to eat all the foods you enjoy even if you are looking to get into shape and improve your health. At BLS we actually encourage you to deviate from time to time.

There are lots of 'diets' out there that will help you get the results you want so choose one (here is what we suggest) and then allow yourself some leeway

Think about it, if you you have 3 meals a one snack a day as this works well for most that's 28 meals a week. By following our 80% rule that meals you can deviate 5-6 time a week and still improve health, lose fat and look and feel great. 

This will again keep you motivated to eat well and also get results, think about it week to week or month to month rather than meal by meal. 


You will miss sessions and you will deviate from your diet. That's the fact of life as real stuff gets in the way whether it's work, family or just feeling like you can't be bothered.

The key is to stop feeling guilty about it and wipe the slate clean when you do. Bad days even bad weeks happen but putting off getting back on track longer and longer only makes the situation worse.

Draw a line under it, stop the self shaming and get back to it


It's time to start thinking longer term and improve lifestyle and habits rather than go all or nothing. Ups and downs are normal and by looking at the bigger picture I guarantee you will be more successful with your health, fitness and fat loss.

It's about what you are doing most of the time not all of the time

Take a look below at some of the results we are getting by implementing these exact strategies within you gym. These guys enjoy their food, love training and get great results that stick

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"All or nothing always ends in nothing"

Lewis - BLS Creator

Sound good?


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