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Sep 5, 2016

The Diet Solution

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Saying to yourself 'that diet worked last time' really means it didn't work at all...

There are two common things I hear from guys when it comes to diet and dieting

Number 1... 'I know what I should be doing'

Number 2... 'That diet worked really well for me last time'


The problem with the two statements above are this.

Firstly, you probably don't know and the reason you aren't in the shape you want is largely due to this fact.

Secondly, diets don't work!!!

Let me elaborate. Diets suggest one thing, a start and an end. So yes they may work in the short term and you may lose weight (not always a good thing is that weight is muscle and not body fat) but long term they never work because as soon as the end date arrives and you go back to your 'normal' eating you regain the weight you lost if not more. 

This will kill your motivation, self esteem and only confirm your bias that you can't change so whats the point in trying

It comes down to your lifestyle, your daily habits and what you are doing most of the time. If you changes these factors you would have no problem maintaining a decent weight and improving your health and physique.

Lots of people's issues come from that all or nothing mentality that gives you extreme peaks and troughs and never leaves you satisfied or happy let alone healthy. You can read how to overcome the all or nothing mentality here -----> click me


So we have already established it comes down to lifestyle and habits, the good news is these are easily changed and you can develop new healthy habits in as little as 21 days if you know how

Here is what you need to do now

1. Make It So Easy You Can't Fail 

Too many people want the perfect plan or perfect diet. I can tell you now that doesn't exist and you need to set yourself up for success. Telling yourself you're going to eat every 2 hours, count every calorie that you eat, while measuring every bit of food to the gram just isn't realistic and isn't productive to getting and maintaining results. Do the simple things and do them well and consistently and you can't fail. My advise is have three meals and one snack a day consisting of protein, fats, some carbs and ideally veg with every meal

2. Don't Cut Anything Out 

Lots of people talk about what you should and shouldn't eat but really its about what you do most of the time. Don't give yourself a hard time for going out and enjoying a meal and a drink. If you have a chocolate bar now and then so what. The idea is that 80% of the time you eat in balance and eat real, one ingredient whole foods. You can get our exact protocols here ---> Fix a broken diet manual FREE download

3. Think Long Term 

If your doing anything you don't believe you'll be able to do long term (remember it'll still take effort so we aren't talking through lack of that more what's realistic) then don't do it. Yes you may see some results with a short term strategy but is it worth the knock on effects this might have on you physically and mentally. Your health is to important for this so ditch the special shakes and short term fixes and stay eating for life.


The answer to long term success nutritionally is simple, you need to be realistic, need to enjoy your food and need to ensure it's something you can maintain because if you can't maintain the 'diet' you can't maintain the results 

If you'd like more information on how we get such fantastic results for the guys we work with you can download my FREE BLS HANDBOOK right here just click the link -----> DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

"Think lifestyle, not quick fix"

Lewis - BLS Creator

Sound good?


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