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Sep 15, 2016

The Gym Solution


Up to 95% of self directed fat loss and gym programs fail...learn how we are successful 95% of the time

It is thought that as many as 95% of self directed fat loss programs fail. That is a huge number and usually involves joining the closest commercial gym, getting a half assed induction and being told to go on your way.

Now gyms work for some people but unfortunately for most they don't and I'm here to give show you results are not only a reality but pretty easy to get when you know how


Gyms offer equipment - most gyms are fantastically equipped and there are many options out there from the budget gym, the big chain thats all singing and dancing offering a pool and a spa (that you'll use once and probably never again). Now this seems great and you think 'I'm really getting my moneys worth here' but you've forgotten why you decided to join a gym in the first get results!!! Don't be fooled by the nicest looking, most expensive new piece of equipment that the gym just bought, your only concern should be can this gym get me to my goals

Gyms only offer exercise - Exercise is an essential piece of the puzzle but it's only one piece and will only help your journey to health and fitness if it's well written and results driven. Most gyms forget two essential pieces of the puzzle, the mindset for longterm change and nutritional advice that truly works. There is a lot more to changing your health and fitness than just doing a few half hearted sessions in the gym doing the machines.

Gyms require self motivation - Motivation is a funny thing, it fools you. To start you will do it, you're going to go all in and give it everything 5 times a week and you'll have some success. Then slowly but surely your motivation will drop more and more until you start going less and less and confirm to yourself you can't change. These highs and lows play havoc with your mind set when it comes to fat loss and health.


Invest in results not equipment - When you join a gym or decide that you are going to improve your health and fitness your main concern should be 'what's in it for me and what results can I expect'. The flashiest piece of equipment will not yield better results but the gym that can offer results driven programs will. Now if you want a place to relax and unwind go to the gym with a pool and a spa but if you want fat loss and real results go to the gym where you will be given the tools to do this

Invest in a program - A program that will give you fat loss, improved health and better fitness does not only offer exercise. As I've mentioned you do need exercise and the right type at the right dose but you also need someone to guide you to a better lifestyle that will stick. This includes nutrition that genuinely works and guidance on building habits that will start to come naturally once you have put in the initial effort.

Invest in others - This isn't just in the form of money but also time. The best thing you could do is join a program or recruit a training partner that will keep you accountable. Going it alone is a sure fire way to kill your motivation and makes it far too easy to give up. It would be great if we all had the will power to go it alone but we haven't so using other to your advantage is a great way to stay honest and push through the times you do feel like giving up.


You've probably tried the gym before and may try it again because for a short period of time when you do you get results. Unfortunately for 95% of people this just doesn't work long term and the usual gyms aren't doing much to help and aren't that bothered once you sign the contract.

What we do at BLS is offer something different, we are less of a gym and more of a club where community meets good programming which amounts to one thing and one thing only...GREAT RESULTS!!!

Yes we get results short term but we also spend lots of time ensuring this isn't another quick fix or fad that'll leave you low on motivation and disappointed longterm.

Check out below the type of results we are getting time and time again with guys who thought long term change wasn't possible.

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