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Sep 27, 2016

The Motivation Solution

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Motivation is the number 1 reason most people fail in their health and fitness and we have the solution!!!!

Motivation is the number one reason guys don’t see results, they don’t have it and they don’t know what to do to get it

Luckily at BLS we have overcome this problem time and time again and are experts in taking de-motivated men and transforming their lives so that they improve their health and fitness for good

The Problem

1. Life got in the way

Real life happens! Work and family take huge priority and take up so much of your time and I’m not going to knock anyone for that. Your career, your partner and your kids all rely on you and of course you are going to put that first.

This will lead to a few things though, number one you have no time so health and fitness take a back seat and number two when you do take time for yourself for some reason you feel some sense of guilt and selfishness. The product of this is you hit a point where your are overweight, low on energy, low of self esteem and wondering how the guy in the mirror looking back at you got that way.

2. Gyms don’t do it for you

You probably can’t think of anything worse that going into your local commercial gym and surrounding yourself with the usual hyped up, big ego gym goer that peacocks around the weights floor.

You may be embarrassed that you don’t know what your doing and worried that you have gotten so unfit you aren’t going to be able to do enough to turn it around anyway.

A combination of both these things just mean you either don’t join the gym at all or if you do you rarely go and achieve nothing

3. It didn’t work last time so what’s the point?

This follows on from the last point where you have gone but achieve nothing sustainable. This confirms your bias that gyms, fitness or anything health related just doesn’t work so why bother.

The main problem here is that you either aren’t getting the right advice or the program you are trying to follow just isn’t realistic long term.

How many times do you here someone has joined the gym and goes from doing nothing to 5 times a week for a minimum of an hour each time while overhauling their diet only to quit a week or two later?

Going from gentle to mental and adopting that all or nothing mentality is only going to end badly with you low on results, low on motivation and left frustrated and pissed off.

4. You don't know your WHY?

So many people join the gym with the goal of 'just wanting to be a little bit fitter'. That is so general it's hard to ever get truly motivated for it. You need to look at little bit deeper and understand the real reason for WHY you want to improve your health and fitness

I know I want to be as healthy as possible so that I can watch my son grow up while also being able to keep up with him, I know I want to be able to pursue my dreams of helping as many men as possible with their health and fitness so I need to set a high bar with myself and I also am honest enough to admit vanity and my self esteem drives me to get in the gym and stay in shape.

The Solution

1. Be Realistic

You need to be realistic with what time you have, the point you are at in your life and the results you want.

Do you really want a ripped body, 6 pack and huge bulging biceps? Or would you rather that you moved better, reduced your waist, had more energy and improved your health so that you gave yourself the best chance of living a long and fulfilling life?

The goal isn’t to be the healthiest, fittest man on the planet but to improve your health and fitness so that your life is better and you look a little better in the process.

To achieve this is actually very simple and doesn’t take huge amounts of time, which takes me to my next point…

2. Don’t try to find time…Make time!!!

You need to treat your health and fitness like an appointment or meeting you can’t miss. Schedule it and make time rather than hoping you will find time as and when.

You don’t need endless hours in the gym and you can actually do a lot with just 20 minutes and your body weight as a start. We suggest less than 3 hours in the gym focusing on total body with a mixture of strength and cardio exercises.

It’s about understanding if you don’t make this time because of other priorities those things will actually suffer. The guy who makes time to exercise and eat well will always feel better about themselves and have more energy which is bound to have positive effects on your work and your hime life

3. Surround yourself with likeminded people

This is so important and the main reason the usual commercial gym doesn’t work for the average guy.

The magic ingredient at BLS is the guys themselves, the groups they are in and the community they have created. This sense of being part of something bigger than just a gym and being accountable to others who are just like you is what keeps motivation high.

And don’t get me wrong they’ll always be times where motivation drops but being able to turn to the group and look for inspiration and support will make the lows a lot more easy to manage.

4. Have a WHY

I explained the importance of the WHY above and you need to make sure you have a why and some emotion behind your health and fitness pursuits. Then you need the what and how which are the goals you will set that are congruent with your why.

Firstly, set outcome goals e.g. to lose 2 stone you then set behaviour goals which are the things you need to do daily. Taking the example of losing 2 stone you behaviours might be, eat 4 high protein, moderate carb meals a day with lots of veg and some healthy fats as well as drink 3 litres of water a day and get plenty of sleep.

The Wrap Up

The first step is to TAKE ACTION!!!

Motivation doesn’t just appear out of nowhere and it isn’t something you’ll just find one day.

The second part of taking action is actually taking action on something you can sustain and will serve you and improve your life rather than become a chore and take from you.

The final thing to consider is that ups and downs with motivation are 100% normal in all walks of life. If it was easy we’d all be doing it and no one would ever have any struggles.

Struggles are what make it worthwhile and once you overcome these than you will see the results you want and deserve.

Think long term, think sustainable and think realistic!!!! Everyone can achieve better health and fitness with the right program and at BLS we have honed or program with a combined experience of 30 years in the industry working with real life men.

If you are looking for motivation, guidance and support so that you can feel better, move better and look better click the link and apply to our next program ----> APPLY NOW!!!

"To get motivated you must TAKE ACTION!!!"

Lewis - BLS Creator

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