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Jan 24, 2017

The 'PERFECT' Solution

Are you waiting for the perfect time to start? News is there will never be a perfect time...

Are you waiting for the perfect time to sort out your heath and fitness?

I'm sure you know just how important it is to look after yourself but now just isn't the perfect time to get get started right?


The truth is if you're looking for the perfect time to get started then you never will get started

I'm sure you've heard it before but I'll say it again anyway..."You don't regret the things you do, you regret the things you don't" and this is very true when it comes to your health and fitness.

Do you think if you made a decision today, right now to transform your health and fitness that you would regret it? 

I'm going to say no even if your plan wasn't perfect, even if you missed some sessions and even if you had some slip ups with your nutrition

If you started today and followed an imperfect plan for the next month or two I can guarantee you will be happy you did


1. You aren't fit enough 

This is something I hear regularly 'I need to get a bit fitter first'. You don't need to get fit in order to get fit, just saying it sounds silly right? 

I understand your apprehension and the fact you may feel out of your depth or that you once were really fit and now you're embarrassed but we all have to start somewhere you just need to get started

2. You have X, Y, Z coming up so you'll start after

Whether it's a holiday, your job or you're just really busy at the moment I've heard to all.

Your reasons legitimate as they may be are probably just excuses and every time you say 'I will start I just can't right now' it just prevents you from the health and fitness you want and deserve 

Here is a scenario, a guy comes into the gym to talk through the BLS program with me and he's good to go but.....

He has a weeks holiday coming up in the middle of his 12 week program so he's going to start after he comes back. 

Now he'll probably go away with good intensions but likelihood is I'll never see that guy again.

On the other had he could've got started and very quickly he would've seen the benefits of our program, he would've been healthier, fitter, more energised and ultimately happier and his new found lease of life probably would've meant he had the best holiday he's had in a while

Instead he's still stuck in a rut and frustrated because now he's back he has some other 'reason' that now isn't the perfect time to get started 

3. You have a pause-button mentality

The pause button mentality is an all or nothing mindset where you get into a cycle of starting, stopping and re-starting

It really isn't a great way to live and isn't good for your longterm health not only physically but mentally too and it stops you living a longterm healthy lifestyle

When you look at your nutrition as a diet and fitness and a short term quick fix you set a finish date and your health and fitness shouldn't have a finish date.

What it should be is a lifestyle change that allows you to be flexible while still getting the results you deserve


I get it and I admire the fact that you want to give something your all and you feel the need to be your best but perfection when it comes to your health and fitness just isn't realistic for busy guys with busy lives

What is realistic is developing a lifestyle that allows you to lose fat, feel fitter, move better, have more energy (the list goes on) and still deal with the real life stuff that faces every single one of us

There are 3 things I would suggest you do

1. Stop giving yourself 'reasons' not to get started

2. Do something and do it NOW!

3. Go easy on yourself if it's not perfect

The guys I work with at BLS all have busy lives, families, businesses or demanding jobs but also all share this one thing in common


And how you ask?

Because they stopped giving themselves reasons why now wasn't the perfect time and they took ACTION!

Take a look at just a handful of guys we have worked with who stopped waiting for the perfect time and have transformed not only their lives but the lives of their families and loved ones too


If you want to TAKE ACTION NOW and stop waiting for the perfect time click the link and we'll be in touch to help you start your transformation today ------> CLICK HERE NOW!


"The perfect time is NOW!"

Lewis - BLS Creator

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)