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Jun 16, 2016

The Perfect Time To Start Your Health & Fitness Transformation

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If you are waiting for the perfect time to transform your health and fitness that time will never come

"I want to improve my health ands fitness...But I'm waiting for the perfect time"

Ever find yourself waiting for the perfect opportunity to do something about your health? The excuses are numerous...

"I don't have the time"

"I need to get fit first"

"I've tried X,Y,Z before and it doesn't work"

So when is the perfect time to transform your health and fitness?

More to the point is there ever a perfect time to finally throw away the excuses and make sure you live a long fulfilling life?

The simple answer is there is never a perfect time!

You will always have a barrier or a reason to why now isn't the right time but that sort of all or nothing mentality will do nothing to ensure you finally get hold your your health, fitness and weight.

The problem is when you think 'I'll wait until the perfect time' you end up doing nothing at all and if anything your health continues to deteriorate. 

My advice is this, if you want change you must TAKE ACTION!!!

Not tomorrow, not next week, not in a few months when everything calms down at work...TODAY!!!

The good news is you don't need a huge overhaul, what you needs is one or two small habit and lifestyle changes that will make an unbelievable difference in you life

It's usually the smallest thing you do consistently that makes the biggest difference

Here are 5 way you can start to transform your health and fitness today

1. Make sure you have breakfast -  high protein breakfast will set you up for the day. Now the debate about whether you do or do not need breakfast isn't the point here. For me it's about starting on the right foot and making sure you have enough energy at the start of the day so that you don't opt for the quick fix options later in the day. 

2. Go for a walk - Everyone thinks you need to go gentle to mental when it comes to exercise. Why not start small and just make sure you get up and get moving on a daily basis. Take a stroll, get the heart rate up, take the surroundings in and get some fresh air. Again this will boost your energy levels and have a hugely positive effect on your willingness to start something more intense

3. Get some sleep - When's the last time you had 8 hours sleep uninterrupted? We rarely do but again this is killing your energy ad sapping your motivation. If you sleep better you perform better mentally and physically and that has to be a good thing.

4. Stretch it out - Ever get up from a seat or in the morning and take 10 minutes to get moving? Ultimately we sit to much and we aren't designed to do that. That has a negative effect on your posture and makes you feel like you shouldn't exercise because you're scared you may hurt yourself. 10 minutes a day of stretching can help you move better and essential feel better

5. Ask for help - So many guys are scared to ask for help out of mainly embarrassment. It seems like a unmanly thing to do, we should be able to sort it ourselves right? But thats nonsense. There are people out there who can help and can give you the solutions to your problems. At BLS we specialise in working with men over 30 and the problems they face with limited time. The exercise plan, the nutrition protocols and the support system is fully designed to work 100% of the time with real guys with real lives

If you are seeking a solution to your health and fitness problems check out our Bigger Leaner Stronger Handbook and get started today!!!

"The perfect time is right now!!!"

Lewis - owner

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)