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Aug 29, 2017

The Top 10 Mistake Women Make When Transforming Their Physique

In this blog, I’m very excited to be sharing with you some key information we’ve learnt while working with many females over the past decade!  

What you’re about to learn, WILL hopefully switch your thought process and change your body shape in a way that’s much more efficient and quicker than you’ve probably been used to.

But just remember, we can give you exact blueprint in how to change your physique, but we can't do it for you I’m afraid! What you do with this information is completely down to you.

It’s can be very powerful and all it needs is one thing to work... ACTION TAKERS! And I guess you’re one of them, as you’re the one reading this blog today! So before I get started, let me introduce myself.

Who am I? I’m Mike and along with my brother Russ, we own Studio Fit based in Leckhampton. We’ve been open for a few years now and things are going great!

We’re nearly at full capacity, we have the best bunch of members we could ask for, and have made some true friends, while having the opportunity to transform many people’s lives, and creating a very strong community by going completely against the grain.

The FitCamp Revolution has exploded and we truly believe in our motto ‘We Are Redefining Fitness’!

However this report isn’t really about me and I’m not here to plug the Studio; I just want to focus on helping you gain some clarity within this contradicting and very confusing world we call the ‘Fitness Industry’.

Everything we preach is tried and tested on females very similar to you in the exact same position. This is a formula we have come up with, and use day in day out. We’ve built our whole concept around this new formula, and trust me it works so brilliantly; we’re not about to stop anytime soon! We’re actually looking to expand and open new facilities very soon.

So why have I decided to share it with you today completely FREE? That’s a pretty simple answer for me....

1 - I’ve got the ability to help more females achieve success and transform their physique with a formula that works.


2 – Studio Fit is nearly full, which means we can’t help many more females, so what better way to write a report that can help more people in Cheltenham and our local community.


3 – It irritates me to see all this misguided information out there. It seems it’s only getting harder and harder to figure out what you should be doing.


4 – Commercial gyms are getting less and less personal. It was only the other day I came across a gym that wasn’t even run by staff, but computers and swipe machines instead. I can only imagine what goes on in there!


With that being said, I’d hate to see you completely waste your time, effort and money in getting nowhere in your fitness journey. We don’t want you to keep getting knocked back and feeling fed up and bitter against the fitness industry we love so much.

So Let’s get down to business!

What I want to share with you today are some huge mistakes women make when they hit the gym or start their fitness regime.

And the reasons I want to share with you these mistakes are because they are very common among females. In my opinion the hardest part in transforming your physique is actually transforming your beliefs in what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to get into the ‘best shape’ in the ‘shortest’ amount of time. So hopefully you can learn from them and save yourself a huge amount of mistakes.

Note I said ‘best’ and ‘shortest’. You see I’m talking to the females that really want to transform their physique in the most efficient way possible.

I’m talking to women that are sick and tired of getting zero results each time they start a new fitness regime or fad diet, and get left feeling utterly disappointed and cheated by the wrong information.

Women who are totally baffled with all the contradicting information placed on the Internet and in the latest fitness magazines.

Did you know, these magazines want to keep confusing you, promising you the world with the latest fitness fad and wonder pill. As long as they keep selling you the dream and you keep buying, then they’ve done their job.... It’s all SALES to them. Makes sense doesn’t it?

And I’m afraid to tell you, if you’re looking for that magic wonder pill for the rest of your life, you’ll never find it. You’re better off learning these mistakes and taking action on them immediately.

So here we go, let’s write some truths and dispel a few myths in my top 10 mistakes women make in changing their physique.

Before you read on, please do not get angry or upset with these facts and my no B.S approach. I’m not here to upset you, remember what I said in the intro, I’m only here to help you. So if this makes you think twice and changes your mindset, then I’ve done my job.



1 – Just Doing Aerobics

By aerobics I mean long bouts of steady state running. So many women feel the need to pound the street day in day out. I see it everywhere when I’m driving around, and it doesn’t look fun. Let me ask you a question, have you ever seen a marathon runner with a body you’d die for? I guess not!

Probably because they don’t exist, usually they’re slightly emaciated with little curves, or suffering from that skinny-fat condition. This is a condition where they appear thin in clothes but have a higher percentage of fat to when they actually started. Without getting too into it, let’s just except the facts. The body will sacrifice muscle over fat during excessive endurance exercise. You don’t want to be skinny-fat, you want to be lean and toned with sexy curves.

2 – Absession

Have you heard of this before? Probably not, because I just made the word up. But it fits pretty well for the typical female who feels they need to constantly work the abs or the waistline in general. Why do all women want to repeatedly work on the core?

I want to let you into a little secret, guess what.... We all have a six-pack. It’s just some of ours are hidden behind a layer of fat. So we just have to whittle away enough fat so it shows. Pretty simple yeah?

I’m all for an overall strong, balanced core. Even working the core muscles so they’re more pronounced. But let’s stop dedicating our entire workout to them. It’s unnecessary and completely wastes your time. Remember we’re talking to the busy female who wants results fast! If that’s you, let’s start doing activities that have a much bigger bang for your buck and way more efficient at burning fat, because a sit-up aint gona do it for you.

3 – Fear Of Appearing Butch

This one maybe the hardest one to sink in, so let me think how I can put this. STOP using baby weights lighter than your handbag. You don’t get butch lifting your handbag, so you definitely wont if it looks like a kettle bell. In other words lifting heavier weights will not get you butch; it only has a side effect of giving you sexier curves.... Is that bad thing, I’ll let you answer that.

I understand your a women, but stop thinking you’re a delicate little flower. If you want to keep wasting your time, stick to excessive endurance. If not you might want to think about lifting some weights. Please, please, please stop thinking all of a sudden your going to look like a steroid using freak of a bodybuilder. Sometimes it just takes a quick look around the gym floor to see the girls in fantastic shape, they’re usually the ones lifting weights in the correct manner. That’s the case at Studio Fit and believe me it’s no coincidence; so don’t start playing the age-old ‘I don’t want to get too big’ card.

4 – Working Abs Like A Powerlifter

This is a funny one and conveniently comes after point 3. As hard as it is to change the mindset of lifting weights with women. For them there’s seems to be one exception. They like to lift heavy weights with the core, and the core only. For some bizarre reason they think lifting heavy weights might make the core smaller. Remember we need to work on whittling the fat away, not bulking up the core.

5 – Steady State Comfort Zone

Gone are the days of slow boring cardio. The fitness world is getting shaken up, workouts and training methods are shifting, and we’re moving further and further away from the typical cardio bunny workout regime.........THANK GOD! I’m not saying you won’t get results, but there’s a more efficient, quicker method to get awesome results, and you probably wont die of boredom in the meantime It’s called HIIT.

It stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s a bit different from SSTW (Steady State Time Wasting). It’s quick, fast, fun and way more effective. And I’m very confident when I say; you’ll probably get twice the results in half the time.... And that’s a FACT!

6 – Poor Exercise Selection

We’ve talked about lifting heavier and focusing more on strength. But exercise selection can play a huge role in results also. What specific exercises you perform alongside technique can hugely determine your results. Poor exercises will only do one thing, hinder your progress and stall your results. I cannot stress how important what I’m about to say is.

You need to stay away from small isolation exercises. (Remember that’s for our steroid using bodybuilder friend to waste their time on) They don’t belong in our time efficient workouts! – Stick to performing big compound movements, involve more muscles and you expel more energy.... Simples.

We want you working at higher intensities, through bigger body movements, lifting heavier weights (well heavier than your pretty handbag). We do not want you balancing with one leg on a BOSU ball with a pink fluffy weight. You may look pretty, but unless you literally go to the gym for the sake of going there and you’re happy with zero results, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

7 – Fear Of Looking Funny

This brings me nicely onto point 7. We’ve already discussed the right exercise selection along with the appropriate weight and intensity. But let’s talk about getting down to business. I know you females like to look cute, but honestly this is a gym. This is the place to transform your body so you can look great in your outfits. You may not be able to look pretty and composed your entire workout.

You need to STOP worrying what you look like, what other people may think and smashing your workouts. This isn’t about steady state; I’m talking about short, sharp efficient workouts that guarantee results. So unfortunately for those 30 minutes, you may feel a little uncomfortable. You might sweat a little, but at least you’re not completely wasting your time, just remember the feeling of disappointment the last time you failed and keep on going.

8 - Fear Of food

OK, wish me luck. Ready to have your dietary beliefs shaken up? Here goes: It's virtually impossible – no matter what you eat – to gain any fat in the post-workout period, which is roughly defined as the hour-long timeframe after you finish your properly designed workout.

While gaining fat during this period is highly improbable, it's highly probable that you will build some muscle during this same timeframe, provided you give your body the protein (and calories) it requires.

Muscle is particularly sensitive to insulin during this workout/post workout period, so if you want to build muscle/curves, it's imperative that you eat during what we call the "peri-workout" period, which is comprised of the period just before, during, and after a resistance workout. So temporarily forget your calorie fears. Temporarily forget your carb fears, too, because this is when you definitely need to provide your muscles with the material it needs to build those sexy curves.

9 – Inconsistency

Exercise is exercise and consistency is key to any type of success. Consistency in all types of exercise will more than likely get some sort of result. But we don’t want to know about ‘some sort’, we’re talking about a formula that can literally transform your physique.

You can’t keep jumping from one thing to another, give it time and trust it’s results. Just because you haven’t got the body of Jessica Ennis after a couple of sessions, is no excuse to give up and jump onto the next bandwagon.

We know it’s been drilled into you for years while reading the latest fitness magazines. But understand, their goal is sales and ours are results! So if you keep switching form one thing to another, you them become very inconsistent with one training method and you’ll very quickly get nowhere in terms of success.

Find a logical, progressive workout that increases lean muscle, burns fat and makes you the queen of curves in around 4-8 weeks. Only then should you look to change it up.

10 – Doing It Alone

You eventually decide to make a change and you want to do something about your physique, as you’re sick and tired of feeling tired and lousy and you’re not as confident about your body as you used to be.

So what do you do, you pretty much go against everything we have mapped out for you in this report. You decide to jump straight into the deep end and start training like a full time athlete. Big mistake. Complete and utter overwhelm and you simply can’t maintain it.

You go on long, slow boring jogs at a complete steady state. Because you think the longer you go, the better for you. You’re almost trying to run in a manner that expels the least amount of energy, just so you can keep on going.

Your joints, ankles and knees are hurting with the constant pounding of the hard concrete. And you want to work on the tummy area, tone it up a little. So you decide to add in some sit-ups in the evening, well probably every evening. You then start decreasing calories and start to build this fear of food. As the weeks go on you become more and more inconsistent as you don’t see any improvements.

It becomes hard, boring and simply not maintainable within your lifestyle so you revert back to the old ways and get left feeling disappointed and let down, it’s like one big cycle! But all you need to do is stop doing it alone.

Let me sum this up to finish off, I’ve made a tick list for you guys, and made it real easy for you to understand. In my opinion, you’re only going to get amazing results in when all the following is ticked off.

BUT you can only tick the box when you no longer follow these mistakes in your training.

o Don’t Just Do Aerobics

o Stop Having An Obsession With Abs

o No Fear Of Appearing Butch

o Stop Working With Light Weights

o No Longer Slow Long And Steady State

o No Longer Pick Ridiculous Exercises

o Don’t Care What Others Think

o A Fear Of Food

o Inconsistency

o Don’t Do It Alone

So if I’ve built any type of trust in this report I designed, then I would follow the steps I’ve laid out. Figure out what you’re doing wrong and start taking action today.

At the start of this report, remember I said I had a formula to the secrets in transforming your physique. I wasn’t lying, what I’ve given you are some very basic blueprints to follow in order to stop wasting your time and I truly hope they can help.

But we have got a formula, something we’ve worked on for years. Something that is currently getting huge results with local women just like you.

We’ve taking any unnecessary fluff out of our workouts and packaged everything you NEED to be doing and designed a short, fun 30-minute workout called The FitCamp Revolution.

I’ll leave you on this, if you feel you can’t do it alone, are serious about making a change and working with like-minded females then click the link below. We tick all the boxes at Studio Fit.

By the time you read this we might have a few spaces left to our next intake, so reach out today... 

If not, I honestly hope this report has helped you gain clarity and focus and we wish you all the best in your future fitness.

It’s been fun writing this and hope to hear from you soon, Mike
Studio FitRedefining Fitness

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)