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Oct 19, 2016

The Unhealthy Mindset Solution

An unhealthy mind leads to an unhealthy body

Mind and body are linked so closely that it would be stupid not to take mindset into consideration when trying to improve your health and fitness.

I'd even argue that your mindset to health and fitness is more important than the physical because without the right attitude and without the will to do the necessary exercise and follow the necessary nutrition you will get no where fast.

With a few mindset switches you can easily get the motivation you need to transform not only your health but your body too.

Once you make these switches the results will be dramatic and life changing


The problem is YOU!

Let me elaborate, we live lives that are purely based on the experiences we have, the associations we make with those experiences and the reality we perceive. 

You see reality isn't reality at all, it's just how you feel and how YOU compute the things around you.

For example have you ever joined a gym and thought to yourself 'This is it, time to make a change'.

You then set a plan that requires you to train 4, 5 maybe even 6 times a week, you overhaul your diet and you are fully motivated, NOTHING is going to stop you

You do this for about a week and you're enjoying it, you know you made the right decision. Then another week passes, it's starting to get harder to get to the gym and you miss a session...or two.

The missed session makes you feel guilty and you focus on how you messed up so you think 'sod the diet' and you pig out.

Another week passes, you miss more sessions and you deviate more and more from your diet and then you quit!

'What's the point gyms never work for me?'

Or maybe you tell yourself diets are boring, or you're too old to get into shape, or I don't have the energy for this, or weights are bad for your back anyway

The list of excuses that confirm your bias that you just can't change is endless and trust me you'll use every single one to justify why it just doesn't work for you right!

These are what we call LIMITING BELIEFS

A limiting belief is anything that holds you back from improving your life and health. It isn't necessarily true but it's a story you tell yourself to back up what you believe or to confirm your reality. 

Limiting beliefs will create an unhealthy mindset where you resign yourself to a life of ill health, disease, depression and much more

The fact is you can change, you can improve your health and you will know someone who has exactly the same constraints as you, whether it be time, work, family etc. but is in good health.

So why can they do it but you can't? 


The solution comes in the way you think about your health and fitness and the willingness you have to transform

Here are my top tips for switching the unhealthy mindset to a healthy mindset and to smash through your limiting beliefs

1. Mind Your Language

The things we say to ourselves have a huge impact on the actions we take. 

We all know someone (it may even be you) who is always tired. They tell you all the time how they have no energy and are knackered. They even say they are tired as soon as they get out of bed in the morning.

What do you think this does for your mindset?

If you tell yourself something enough you'll probably soon realise that it'll come true. 

Flip it and tell yourself 'I could do with some more energy'. This essentially means the same thing but puts a positive spin on what you are saying rather than a negative one

A few other things you may tell yourself and what you should say are...

'I hate the gym' instead say 'I need to find exercise I enjoy'

'Diets are boring' instead say 'What healthy foods can I eat that are tasty'

'What's the point it never works' instead say 'Think of the impact this could have on my loved ones'

2. Stop Looking For Perfection

People want the perfect plan and perfectionism is an unhelpful thinking pattern when it comes to health. Guys are so consumed by having to know exactly what they need to do that the procrastinate and do nothing.


That's the long and short of it and they best thing you can do is do something. Sounds simple and that is because it really is. 

Inaction will kill your mindset and looking for the perfect solution will overwhelm you. Instead of looking for perfection do one or two basic things that you can be consistent with. For example make sure you have breakfast everyday and make sure it is high in protein, contains some fats and carbs and includes vegetables and stretch daily for 10 minutes.

These two things alone will start the process of improving your health and will have a great effect on how you feel. 

If at this point you are questioning the 'vegetables for breakfast' and telling yourself you don't have time for that once again this is a limiting belief you have and we have a solution for that too -----> CLICK HERE FOR THE BREAKFAST SOLUTION

3. Stop Making Excuses

Lots of guys just accept bad health and weight gain as a part of life and ageing.

I get it you're too busy, too old, you have a bad back or knees, you've been told weights are bad for you and you don't want to get 'too big'


These are excuses and excuses are lies you tell yourself to justify what you do or normally what you won't do

The thing is we are very good at lying to ourselves to justify what we do and don't do, it just makes us feel better but doesn't change the fact an excuse is usually a story

There are guys who are in exactly the same position as you but are fit and healthy and reap the benefits because of this

Take a second to imagine the GUN TO THE HEAD scenario

If someone put a gun to your head and said you must commit to transforming your health without giving up anything else you do (meaning you still work, spend time with the family etc.) or I'll pull the trigger could you do it?

Of course you could because deep down you know you do have the time and you do have the ability.

We live in a world where information is at your fingertips with a click of a button and with a gym on every corner we really do have no excuse 


Change your mind and transform your health

Don't let getting older be a reason to submit to the unhealthy mindset and understand if you change your mind you can change your life

There are two things we are in control of



So instead of adopting the 'sofa disease' and a life of inaction tell yourself you CAN transform your health and you CAN take action to a better life.

The key is balance and not living a sedentary life for days, weeks or even months on end and going hell for leather for a week or two hoping this will work

It takes time, it takes consistency and it takes will power and the ability to understand you will have ups and downs. 

If you can stop going all or nothing and see the positives even when you feel de-motivated you will go a long way to a long fulfilling life as well as good health and happiness 

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"Unlock the mind and unlock your health"

Lewis - BLS Creator

Sound good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, its a pleasure to meet you :-)