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Jul 24, 2017

3 Mistakes Men Over 30 Are Making

Do You Make These Mistakes?

Having worked with literally hundreds of men over 30 and helping them transform their health and fitness we've noticed a few trends that have held them back before they joined us.

The good news is we are going to share these mistakes with you so you don't fall into the same trap and so that you too can start to live a healthier, happier life for you and your loved ones

Take a read and see if you are making any of these mistakes and see what you can do to rectify them

Mistake #1

You go it alone.

Most guys go it alone and its killing your motivation. We all know how it goes, you join the local gym (a decision purely based on which one is closest) and you have you have all the good intentions in the world.

You start great 3, 4 maybe even 5 times a week on the new program you've been given but then you go in and it looks a little busy and the machine you want is busy. This turns into you pottering around going half heartedly on a few arm curls and some cardio because no one is watching you so might as well do what you want.

Then work gets busy and you've had a hard day so you think I'll give it a miss, again who's going to know and you've been 3 times already this week.

Tomorrow comes and again you don't really fancy it, it's always too busy and the posers are taking all the equipment you want to use.

I could go on but you get the picture, with no one to hold you accountable and no one to guide you it's easy to get off track and lose motivation.

Solution #1

Find a training partner, a PT, a likeminded group. Ultimately you need someone and something that will keep you accountable.

At BLS everything we do is in groups because it not only holds you accountable to your trainer but to your peers and it also keeps it social. You will have moments where you feel low on motivation and can't be bothered but having likeminded people around you who have the same struggles will make it 10X easier to stick to your plan and get results.     

Mistake #2

Your expectations are too high.

Now I'm not talking results here because that's the easy part (well it is for us at BLS because we have a tried and tested plan that works 100% of the time) and you should expect them. What I'm talking about is your expectations of what you can and can't do.

5 times a week and a strict diet if chicken and broccoli is firstly not my idea of fun, secondly unrealistic and thirdly completely unnecessary!

Real life will take priority, work and family will always come first but that doesn't mean you can't be fit and healthy at the same time.

Solution #2

Be realistic with what is and isn't achievable.

We tell all the guys at BLS to exercise 3 times a week which means under 3 hours in the gym (and some stuff can be done at home if necessary just check this out ---> At Home Workout For Men)

And when it comes to nutrition we focus on a change of habits not a huge overhaul and we don't eliminate anything meaning you can still enjoy your food and a drink while losing weight and transforming your health and fitness. 

Mistake #3

You make excuses!

I'm sorry to say it guys but most of your reasons are B.S. stories you tell yourself to justify your excuse! 

'I'm too busy"

'I'm just not motivated'

'I'm have X,Y,Z wrong with my (insert body part here)'

'I can't afford it'

'I've tried before and it didn't work'

'I have a holiday coming up'

The list goes on and on and ultimately these reasons are usually just excuses that are holding you back from a healthier and better life not only for you but for your loved ones too.

Solution #3

There's a couple of things you can do here.

Firstly, take responsibility and take action because you can be given the best information, the best program and everything else you need to be successful but if you don't take it upon yourself to take action nothing changes.

Next, don't try to be perfect. Yes you will miss the odd session, yes you will have holidays, work, family commitments and yes you will have times where you just can't be bothered.

But go easy on yourself and understand that it's not about the perfect plan but its about the habits you follow over time. 

Finally, stop saying 'I can't' and start finding solutions. I truly believe there is a solution to every reason (B.S. excuse) you have to not being able to get into the shape you desire. 

The Wrap Up

It's easy to fall in the trap of everyday life and let your health and fitness take a back seat especially as a busy man over 30 who has responsibilities and priorities.

But the best thing you can do for your family, for your colleagues and for yourself is take care of your health.

That is why at BLS we have a specific program designed for guys just like you. 

If you want to avoid the mistakes and finally get hold of your health and fitness it couldn't be easier!

All you need to do is reach out and click the link to apply for our next program ---> CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Spots are limited as we can only work a small group of guys at any one time to ensure they get the best possible results so TAKE ACTION TODAY and be sure not to miss out.

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"Take Action Today...Tomorrow you'll be thankful you did!"

Lewis - BLS Creator

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